A Whole Nother Radio Active Thang (1994)

Fuzzy Haskins

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Track Listing:

Tangerine Green 
Cookie Jar 
Mr. Junk Man 
I Can See Myself In You 
The Fuz And Da Boog 
Which Way Do I Disco 
Love's Now Is Forever 
Sometimes I Rock And Roll 
I'll Be Loving You 
Right Back Where I Started From {Clarence Haskins} 3:11
Not Yet 
I Think I Got My Thang Together 
This Situation Called Love 
Gimme Back (Some Of The Love You Got From Me) 
Things We Used To Do 
Silent Day 

Rating: RC: ****


RC: Tracks 1-9 were originally from A Whole Nother Thang (1976). Tracks 11-18 were originally from Radio Active (1978). Track 10, "Right Back Where I Started From" is an outtake. See the listings for the previous albums for personnel, song credits, and track times. The liner notes for this are very good (although they don't provide complete personnel listings), updating us on what happened to Fuzzy after his music career ended (he became a preacher) and what he's doing now (planning an album with Westbound's Armen Boladian). The extra track is excellent. Starting with acoustic guitars and great drumming, it goes into wah-wah guitar and an 'ooohing' background. The lyrics take off from the 'look out here I come, right back where I started from' line from "I Wanna Know If It's Good To You". The CD is a must for anyone who doesn't own the original albums. It's in print, but may be hard to find. This is one you'll need to special order.