5 (1981)


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Track Listing:

Rappin About Rappin {T Allman}  5:16
I Love You Madly {T Allman}  3:48
Cry Me A River {T Allman}  3:39
Victim Of Love {T Allman} 4:43
5 {T Allman} 3:30
Last One To Know {T Allman} 3:29
Jarr The Ground {T Allman, J Williams, Leroy Bonner, William Beck}  4:37
Taste Of Love {T Allman} 4:44


Producer: Junie Morrison
All Instruments: Junie Morrison

Rating: RC ***1/2


RC: The writer of most of the songs, "T Allman", is probably Junie in disguise once again. For whatever reason, he chose to have all royalties go to this person, most likely Teresa Allman, who sang backup vocals on Bread Alone.

This is another lightly funky album, much like Bread Alone. Junie once again does everything, and he ranges between some deeply funky stuff to airier ballads, and a freak-out or two. There's nothing really new here, but it's all fun. The album is less eclectic than what I'm used to from Junie; he sticks to a more specific formula here. This is not exactly a crucial funk album, but I think fans of Junie and P.Funk in general won't be disappointed by it.

Before "Rappin About Rappin", there's a bizarre intro with all sorts of sirens and a duck-talking drill sergeant. The track itself features some good proto-rapping from Junie. "I Love You Madly" and "Cry Me A River" are fluffy ballads with great singing. The former also has a noticeable horn presence. "Victim Of Love" is a truly outstanding dance track, with a virtuoso lead and rhythm guitar performance. The percussion track is also compelling, along the lines of "Knee Deep". "5" is a literally infantile track, but much funkier than the similar "Pot Sharing Tots" on George Clinton's Computer Games. "Last One To Know" is notable for excellent bass playing. "Jarr The Ground" is Junie's obligatory hard funkin' track, and like most of those, it's good. "Taste Of Love" is a fine, rousing song, featuring more brilliant performances, particularly on bass and piano.

The album is out of print, but can be found on CD as an import. Finding copies of the album also isn't that difficult, for anywhere between $10 and $20. The cover is a typically weird one, with all sorts of eye/pyramid imagery, eyes in Junie's hand, etc.