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Information About The Motherpage

The Motherpage is an ongoing effort by a lot of people to make information about P-Funk and related projects available to the funkateers. Click here to learn about what's been added recently, and what we hope to add soon.

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Construction Update

The Motherpage will probably always be under construction, as we add more information and think of new things to do. But here, we'll let you know what we've done recently, and what we think we'll be doing in the future.

June 27, 1997: More touch-up changes:

April 12, 1997: Some touch-up changes have been made recently: Updates to come: Updates not to come: Once again, don't expect to see lots of inline images, frames, funky backgrounds on your browser, etc. While these look really cool, they also make the pages take a long time to appear in your browser, and we want everyone (even those with slow net access) to be able to find the funk. We do, however, want to make images available to people who want to see them . . .so there'll soon be a collection of images available.

How Can You Help?

We're always looking for more information. For instance, there are lots of graphics we don't have. On an even higher priority, there are many albums for which we don't have lyrics or album covers or both. If you can take the time to transcribe lyrics for an album we don't have lyrics for, you'd be making a big contribution to the Motherpage. If you have images of album covers, or can produce them, that's a big help too. And we have the biography project coming up - if you have information about members or affiliates of the Funk Mob that'd be relevant for our brief bios, we'd really love to have it.

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Key to Contributors:

(Executive Staff, Funk-A-Tech, Inc.)

Guide Administrator:
(Maggotrivia Maven and Fearless Funky Fact Finder)
RC = Rob Clough (tmc@acpub.duke.edu)

Co-Administrator Emeritus:
(Ingenious Innovator and Tireless Tinkerer)
MM = Matt McClellan

Technical Advisors:
(Funky Science Officers)
EA = Eric "DJ EJ" Akawie (World Wide Web source)
MI = Michael "MC MG" Grubb (FTP info provider)
CM = Chris Metzler (HTML formatting, organization, album covers)

Other Contributors:
(Funkateers Deluxe)
PJ = Peter Jebsen (mucho info on singles, catalog #'s, and much more. This discography has been combined with his old one.) Check out the
New Funk Times web page!
GZ = George Zipperlen (provided original template for discog and reviews)
JB = Jon Brode (advice, suggestions, and **much** missing info)
MW = Melissa Weber (tons! of missing info/additions for every section). Check out the WWOZ web page!
MG = Maria Granditsky (lots! of obscure project info, tons o' track listings). Check out out Miss Funkyflyy's web page!
MT = Mike Theiss (reviews, suggestions, track info, singles info, much more)
TK = Tim Kinley (assorted additions in every section)
EF = Edward Friedman (most of the bibliography info)
CR = Chris Richards (valuable P.Funk session info)
AR = Anthony Rucker (much! valuable album info, lyrics)
DF = Dan Fefer (much samples info, cover version info, album info, reviews)
JS = Jeff Spirer (lots! of detailed session work info). Check out the Axiom web page!
CK = Charles Kupperman (lots of album info, videos info, covers info)
JC = Jason Chervokas (lots of obscure info, track listings, lyrics)
ST = Sean Terwilliger (much album info)
MV = Mike Veal (reviews)
LS = Les Stewart (samples info)
CT = Chuck Tomlinson (TV, videos, covers info)
MN = Matt Nowinski (videos, covers info) Check out the Funk web page!
JL = Jeffrey Lee (videos info)
DL = Dave Ludwig (videos, TV info)
JD = Jonathan Dakss (TV info, covers info) Check out the Sly and the Family Stone Web page!
KB = Ken Brown (TV appearances info)
BA = Blaine Armsterd (lots of samples info)
CF = Chuck Fishman (assorted info). Check out the Fonksquish Productions homepage!
GB = Gilles Bacon (track listings) Check out the Hammond Organ web page! (featuring a Meters discog)
KK = Kyosuke Kishida (track listings)
JJ = Jay Julian (reviews)
MB = Michael Burnette (reviews)
AT = Andrew Torda (concert info)
TP = Thilo Pfennig (film info)
GW = Gino Wilson (track info)
AG = Anthony Gliozza (singles info)
VW = Vince Williams (track info)
AC = Aaron Cohen (lyrics)
RH = Rory Huber (album info)
SP = Steve Pipkin (lyrics)
RM = Rowe Morehouse (effects info)
PB = Patrick Brown (session work info)
JA = Jack Abney (album covers)
TT = Thad Thompson (miscellaneous suggestions and tidbits)
JW = Jeff Wright (insight from articles in Uncut Funk)
PW = Peter Wetherbee (insight from articles in Uncut Funk)
MU = Maurice Monroe (Eddie Hazel info)
TV = trevorn@vossnet.co.uk (new One Nation info)
NB = Neil Blanket (tv info)
JO = Joshua Oakes (session info)
DS = Don Sigal (cover info)
SS = Scott Smith (cover info)
G? = Guido 100760.2436@compuserve.com (session info)
NT = Nick Titchener (video info)
MP = sapmrb@cf.ac.uk
MR = Miles Gray (samples info)
MO = Maurice Munroe (reviews)
BS = Bob Sitar (album cover scans)
OO = Olazani Olatunji (album cover scans)

And many thanks to Artrocity, a funky brother with a color scanner, and to Bryant K. Brown, Chief Admiral of Uncle Jam's Navy